20 Sophisticated Wedding Arch Ideas from Felicia


A grand backdrop is something we all dream of for our big day. And what better way to have it other than with wedding arches? Arches are timeless, beyond the shifting trends and styles. Their presence is, and always will be, an eternal factor in event decor. Every show has a showstopper; all event decorations spotlight a wedding arch. And as they continue to be the go-to decoration statement for any event even now, we are here to confirm that it is here to stay. But as popular as they are, how innovative can wedding arches be? Each wedding ceremony and each reception will have a unique theme and style. You need to take your wedding arch ideas up a notch to match that. We are here to discuss how to do that. There are a lot of ways you can personalize your wedding arches according to your preference. We have curated a little something to help you in this process. This is a compilation of 20 stunning wedding arch ideas that you can adapt to your wedding and make it even more ecstatic than it already is. Let’s dig in, shall we?

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Wood Arches

Even though the floral arches are the main stars in the event decoration domain, it won’t hurt to try out something different for a change. Wood arches can be a unique addition to your wedding as they are a rigid yet vintage option for wedding arch ideas and can be customized according to your will. Moreover, it is durable and gives you the freedom to create something beautiful out of it. Wood arches will be a desirable choice for beach weddings, mainly because they emphasize the wedding pictures and make it look like a destination wedding. 

Metal Arches

For couples planning to have a wedding in an eclectic or funky bohemian theme, metal arches will be the right fit for their wedding ceremony. It could elevate the whole mood of the event decor and provide you with the simplicity of your wedding at the same time. If you think that a plain metal arch might be a little bland, you can always add flowers and drapes to the arch, making it look full and sophisticated. 

Tropical Arches

If your wedding is happening on the greener side of the country, then you can think of both ways to set up your altar wedding arches—the simple way or the traditional way. As we opt for the conventional way, we turn to the tropical zone of wedding arches. Consider doing the wedding arch, which consists of tropical leaves and lush greens, making it blend into the ceremony venue and also ends up giving you a full picturesque background for your wedding ceremony.

Floral Arches

Floral arches are the unsaid showstopper in the list of wedding arch ideas. Everything is a little bit different and rejuvenating if flowers are involved. It also symbolizes the blossoming of new relationships. Include floral arches in your event decor in any shape you prefer, as that can be flexible. Try doing experiments with the shapes and colour choices, as there are zero chances you could go wrong with a flower arch for your wedding ceremony and reception. 

Stone Arches


If you are a fan of old mansions and church gates that give you a medieval feel on your wedding day, there could not be a better wedding arch idea than stone arches. They are as vintage and medieval as you want them to be, and you can personalize the stone arch to match your vibe however you wish. 

Modern Triangle Wedding Arches

Why don’t you try something unique in your wedding arch ideas? A triangle wedding arch would give a unique yet classy outlook to the ceremony, giving it a mysterious aura. That makes your wedding nothing less than a fairytale. You can be quite creative with this wedding arch, such as adorning it with flowers, retaining the material mirror, or leaving it entirely rustic.

De-structured Wedding Arches

When planning the event decor, it’s always the best idea to go with what suits the bride and groom’s personality. You don’t have to go along with what is trending and conventional. So, for folks who would like to add a bit of elegance and quirky touch to their wedding ceremony decor, a de-structured wedding arch would be a perfect choice. A de-structured wedding arch means it is not precisely built in the shape of an arch but open on the top or other area, giving it an unfinished but stylish look. This can be done with flowers, glass and metal pieces, or even wooden pieces. 

Circle Wedding Arches

wedding arch ideas

In this spectrum of different wedding arch ideas, the opposite side of de-structured wedding arches is circle wedding arches, which do not possess a starting end or an ending side. Simple and romantic. That is the whole deal with circle arches. And like all the other wedding arch ideas, you can get innovative and try out different accessorizing ideas like using green plants to decorate circles or different kinds of drapes along with statement flowers. This will serve as a classic yet traditional look for your wedding ceremony. 

Tunnel Wedding Arches

If you admire extravagant decorations, this one from the wedding arch ideas might steal your glance. A tunnel wedding arch is not something familiar, but it is highly stylish. The best part is that you can create a tunnel arch with many components. For example, if it’s a white wedding, you can use white lilies or roses to create concentric circles and arrange them as a tunnel where the bride and groom can walk to the wedding ceremony.  If the theme is botanical, the tunnel could be created with tropical plants that give off a lush-green vibe. This wedding arch will make you stand out from the crowd as you walk into the wedding like the star of the evening that you are!

String Light Wedding Arches

Most of the reception functions happen after the evening as the night approaches. So to create the mood and make the evening more aesthetic, you can choose string light wedding arches for your reception ceremony. The arch would be built by intertwining string lights as it illuminates the area and gives a special kind of warm and illuminating aura to the whole event. 

Canopy Wedding Arches

The canopy-styled decoration is a typical guest in the event decor domain. So why don’t we add this to the list of wedding arch ideas? Yes, that is right. A canopy-style decoration can be a potential wedding arch if you put an effort to turn it around as a wedding background. You can get creative on a canopy in many ways. For example, you can keep it as a metal canopy without any top covering and just the rods and adorn them with floral arrangements to make it look classy. Or else, you can keep it the traditional way with white clothing and minimal accessories.

Hexagonal Wedding Arches

You can use anything as a hexagonal arch as it will still look different from all the other normal-looking wedding arches. Floral arrangements in a hexagonal shape can be a mesmerizing backdrop for your wedding ceremony as you hold hands with your life partner.

Asymmetric Wedding Arches

Asymmetric wedding arches can be something exciting yet different compared to shaped wedding arches, as they do not have any shape yet look refreshingly wonderful. The best option to choose for an asymmetric wedding arch is flowers arranged in a manner that will serve as a wedding arch yet does not look like one.

Open Door Wedding Arches

A vintage open door with a little spruced-up decor can be the perfect wedding arch for a wedding ceremony if you are looking for something that can align with your countryside wedding theme. This gives the ceremony a rustic vibe and an aesthetically pleasing aura.

Branches and Vines Arches

Even when we can have something specially made and customized for our wedding arches, a naturally made wedding arch will always top the list of wedding arch ideas. You can consider utilizing the naturally grown branches of trees and string vines to create an earthy-toned wedding arch that will stay close to nature and serve as the perfect backdrop for the ceremony.

Flower Curtain Arches

This could make it into the list of extravagant wedding ideas as it is a wedding arch made of exotic flowers. Flower garlands are arranged to look like flower curtains, as they serve as a perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony. 

Crochet Wedding Arches

Artistic pieces always have a place in wedding event decorations. Macrame or crochet wedding arches are among the most famous handcrafted thread arts. Include this kind of crocheted background to create a wedding that will look ecstatic and minimal at the same time. And if you need it, you can keep this crocheted piece of clothing as a souvenir from your wedding day. Isn’t that amazing?

Ribbon Wedding Arches

Create something unique and elegant with satin ribbons that can be used as a wedding arch. You can customize the shape of this ribbon wedding arch as you wish, and the flowy ribbons will give you an artistic experience of a wedding ceremony, and it is easy to DIY the whole wedding arch.

Teepee Wedding Arches

This must be one of the coolest and most vintage ones in the list of wedding arch ideas. A teepee decorated according to the wedding theme will be a suitable fit as a wedding arch and will give out countryside wedding vibes.

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