Wedding Bouquet Ideas: Everything you Need to Know


Are you planning an event with lots of personal detailing? Personalise your flowers as well. Consider the purpose and relevance of each bloom as well as its hue and aesthetics before making a decision. Whether it’s your bouquet or your centrepieces, there are several ways to express yourself and make a statement. This demands a lot of ideas to make a unique and perfect wedding bouquet that merges with your marriage theme. The hues and different blossoms used symbolises the beauty and love that is to be encapsulated. Let us see how you can frame your perfect bouquet but before that, just look into the history of wedding bouquets and their importance in marriages! 

Flowers have been used as a form of communication for centuries. Floral arrangements were used to convey emotions in Victorian times when words and expressions kept failing.

A tracery holder filled with ferns and orange blossoms was used by Queen Victoria to hold her bouquet when she married Prince Albert. During the Victorian era, lovers would often send each other distinct flowers as a way to express their feelings for one another. Their interaction was becoming popular and associated with passionate love because each inflorescence had a unique interpretation. For this dreamy association, blooms have become a component of marriage ceremonies around the world. These days, many couples continue to create bouquets and centrepieces with flowers whose meanings are meaningful to them, a tradition that dates back centuries. Whether you are looking for flowers with a romantic union like roses and peonies or flowers representing new beginnings, faith, and perseverance like hydrangea, the beauty and magic they can create are unexplainable.

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The colour of a flower has a lot to do with its meaning. There are different meanings associated with everyone’s favourite wedding flower, the rose, based on the colour of the bloom. A red rose represents passion, a white rose represents purity, and a pink rose represents joy and admiration. This is also true with hyacinths. In contrast, the blue variety is associated with a sense of calm and serenity.

You can choose from a variety of blooms for your wedding, from peony floral arrangements in the spring to dahlias and other summer flowers like hydrangeas and cosmos in the warmer months. It’s possible to find the perfect flower for any aesthetic with numerous flower options to choose from. But what if you’re not a fan of flowers?

However, just because carrying a beautiful bouquet down the hallway is a custom does not suggest that there’s no other option. It’s perfectly acceptable to forgo the conventional floral bouquet in favour of a more unique option or even something that can last longer and end up serving as a keepsake for years.

Florists create exquisite, personalised bits using actual or feigned flowers, making them the perfect accessory. A beachside extravaganza is what you wish for?  If your bridesmaids are wearing a palm-frond-themed hoop, you can reuse it for your reception floral mounting. 

The hoop bouquet is a quasi-take on the traditional wedding bouquet. It’s a spherical wood or metal foundation adorned with blossoms and greenery to make a hoop arrangement. Hoops made of wood or metal are dynamic, compact, and easy to handle and can be filled with greenery and floral patterns for a unique substitute to the conventional corsage for brides and bridesmaids.

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Flowers are the most valuable part of a bride’s attire, right behind her wedding dress. This is why it’s so important for you to think carefully about which flowers you carry down the aisle. Create your bridal bouquet truly memorable by getting some super cool ideas. As a result, we’ve created a list of our favourite wedding bouquets over the years. When it comes to shapes and colours, these bundles have some memorable parts.

It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are; there’s bound to be something here that catches your eye! There are several fall bridal bouquets that you’ll enjoy. Certain themes, such as rustic or tropical, are popular, and some like to experiment with colour. We make everything possible for your most special day that needs to be etched forever, as a beautiful flower takes our heart!

We will start with whimsical and unique textures of hoop bouquet that just makes the wedding day ethereal and beautiful. Ahead, we have some stunning wedding bouquet ideas that will help you decide what you want and make a cascading wedding bouquet. Let your imagination with the listed ideas bring out the wow factor in your bouquet!

Choose a hoop bouquet 

Using hoop centrepieces is a great method to show off your flowers while avoiding the standard bouquet form. Get creative with your hoops by choosing gold, silver or even wooden hoops with plenty of blossoms.

wedding bouquet

Monochromatic textures on a hoop Bouquet

Monochromatic hoops, like wildflowers, give colour blocking a subtle twist. The design is new and unique, pushing the boundaries of bold and classy style. You are sure to fall in love with this idea, and just pair it with your stunning bridal gown!

Beautiful floral bouquet of roses 

The bridal bouquet included dusty rose blossoms, taupe, and peach garden red flowers, as well as apricot ranunculus. Faux flaxen and wildflower arrangements with cream-coloured cosmos completes the perfect look of the bouquet for the newlywed bride.

Blown-up hoop bouquets for a contemporary look

Pink and white florals adorn the hoops, giving the bride a vibrant and intimate feeling. This design has a modern twist with the use of brass hoops that make the design clean and crisp while remaining luxurious.

wedding bouquet

Decorate with plants and foliages

It doesn’t matter how big the hoop is; using a mix of small and large blooms gives the bouquet an extra layer of intrigue. The tulips and peonies inside this bouquet will splash and stand out among other lush vegetation and foliage.

Arrangements of natural blossoms

Garden roses, dahlia and nigella flowers are arranged in a naturalistic bouquet for a stunning floral arrangement. To make this harvest bouquet even more stunning was the addition of a hand-dyed silk ribbon in shades of rust, ivory, chocolate, pink, apricot and brown.

Bring cotton in the bouquet

Cotton could be so beautiful in wedding bouquets! If you live in a location where cotton is grown, or if you just like its fluffy appearance, attempt to set up an arrangement of cotton stems to honour this resource. Even additional interest can be added with a few leaves of fresh foliage.

wedding bouquet

Weave your silk bouquet

How about if we promise you that this bouquet will last for the rest of the time? Yes, it’s real! This gorgeous bouquet is completely composed of silk flowers and comes in pink, coral, and white tones. As a result, you’ll be able to carry a bouquet that’ll last a lifetime!

Let’s celebrate citrus style

Is there a glut of citrus? What’s the harm? Kumquats provide a strong flash of colour to a beautiful bundle of vegetation and blossoms.

Ferns in the Fall

As one of the most intriguing plants, ferns are a must-see. They have a lot of texture and bright colours. A huge bundle of fresh ferns can be carried alone or paired with other foliage to add texture and colour.

Feathers as an illustration

This bouquet has a retro-bohemian vibe that is amazing, and the bride will look gorgeous with it.  If you’re looking for something distinctive, feather bouquets with a combination of blossoms are the perfect wedding bouquet for you!

Hold a dangling bouquet 

Floral centrepieces aren’t for everyone. A new twist on an old favourite! As a result, this dangling bouquet provides a stunning trail of blossoms to catch the light.

wedding bouquet

Pink and purple hues

Light pink and purple lilacs, roses, ranunculus, sweet peas and jasmine vine constitute this arrangement. The blooms must match the bride’s floral gown and give it a perfect classy look.

Leaves in the fall

A fall wedding is a great time to shift up the floral bouquet from the ordinary norms. You may also add some autumn leaves for a wonderful flash of colour by using lots of textural greenery.

Lavender and greenery go well together

Sometimes bright and vibrant flowers won’t work for a rustic or country wedding. Embrace the enchantment by creating a lovely and modest bouquet with lavender, sage, and wheat stalks to create a classic mood. 

Fruit and cream

White, creamy, peach, tangerine and coral coloured roses and other flowers make up this fanciful bridal bouquet. Greenery and silk ivory threads complete the ensembled bridal bouquet.

wedding bouquet

Branches of olives

Olive branches symbolise serenity, and they’re the ideal foliage to take down the aisle with you. Combine olive tendrils with a beautiful ribbon for an intriguing feel. How does that sound to you?

Clutch is a must

Want to keep the blooms? It’s fine! Consider a clutch if you want to add something distinctive to the mix. If you want to add your bouquet to a neutral tote, we enjoy the notion of doing so.

Ikebana is a beautiful artistic expression

A bride, who dislikes flowers, can choose to experiment with this art form to obtain a distinctive textured aesthetic experience for her wedding. Ikebana floral arrangements would just make it soothing to have the bouquet filled with happiness and warmth!

A sweetheart shaped bouquet is on exhibit

Taking a cue from the gorgeous flowers, we believe, would be a beautiful option. Why not take a sweet hoop of flowers down the hallway? What a beautiful thing to say!

Chamomile is an eye-soothing herb

A chamomile-only bouquet has a calming effect. The girls can hold bouquets of dehydrated and dried lavenders bound together with twines, giving it a natural feel.

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Wear a floral crown

You don’t want to carry a floral arrangement? Don’t! Rather, opt for a floral crown. If you’re thinking of putting an adorable bouquet on your head, this is the best alternative.

Dried and textured rustic wedding

Dried and textured rustic florals have a bohemian feeling that makes the bouquet magical!  Dry flowers fit the pattern well! If you want to create a unique bouquet, choose different dried flowers, dried greenery, and dried branches. And it’s a lot more cost-effective than buying fresh flowers.

Bouquet of greenery

With the stunning bouquet of blush bamboo anemones and apricot ranunculus, the bride will have the satisfaction and assurance of being the best in a subtle and modest tone. 

Choose a pretty posy

Incorporating flowers isn’t limited to a classic, large bouquet. Pick for an easier path and a pretty way.  Use a single, bold flower such as an elegant lily and dainty baby’s breath to create the best bouquet possible.

wedding bouquet

Wild yet an elegant bouquet

Bridal bouquets made of protea, garden peonies, lisianthus, wax blossoms, and other blooms strung with silk ribbon capture the warmth and enthusiasm of the couple’s relationship.

Winter greens on display

Winter wedding on the horizon? It’s hard to beat a vibrant arrangement of foliage against a white outfit. With a blend of mint and Andromeda vines, it is perfect for a wedding bouquet.

Go with the tropics 

Have you ever considered having a wedding in a tropical location? Plants are a wonderful thing to have around. As an alternative, you might carry a single leaf of monstera or a palm leaf to stand out.

Make use of bright colours

Plants like the Celosia, with its flamboyant colour and flame-like shape, are among the most fascinating to grow in the yard. It’s easy to create an eye-popping arrangement with magenta, orange, red and yellow blooms.

Look for a good book to include 

Are books your passion? Bring your favourite book or a text that you and your partner both enjoy down the aisle as a symbol of your love. That’s a great alternative! Invest in an original, handcrafted book cover compact to show off your passion for reading.

Make an impact

A single King Protea stem is not common in a floral arrangement of other flowers, but what if that was exactly what you want? With their vibrant colours, these huge orchids are sure to draw emphasis.

wedding bouquet

The bunch is overflowing

Bouquet made up of butterfly ranunculus, lilac, and columbine flowers, wrapped with a soft purple ribbon, can be tailored to the couple’s wedding colour scheme.

Take a look at paper flowers

Use real foliage to add some flair to your paper flower arrangement and keep it for your lifetime as a memory of your big day.

Aid with bible

Your faith may be something you want to keep closer to you. The bible can be tied in front or rear with a ribbon in a bundle of overflowing, lush greenery. To make your beliefs stand out, you might remove the vegetation altogether.

 Kinds of poppies

This lovely posy was the epitome of happiness. Bunch of yellow and orange-hued garden roses and poppies; ranunculus; and fritillaries can make a perfect bouquet! 

Succulents in the spotlight

Interested in succulents? They’re a great addition to a bouquet. With other neutral stems, combine a range of these unique plants to create a lovely bohemian ambience.

Everybody likes flowers, not just as a present or to embellish their home but also as an arrangement to carry on their wedding day to complement their outfit. Even if the wedding is a modest outdoor ceremony, the bridal bouquet is an integral aspect of the bride’s dress. Flowers certainly lend visual appeal and romance to a wedding, but their presence has deeper meanings.

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In olden times, it was important and conventional for brides to carry bouquets. Flower garlands were worn by brides in ancient Rome as a symbol of new beginnings, faithfulness and fertility. As charming as the old traditions may have been, they are nearly forgotten in modern times, with brides choosing flowers based on their colour, scent, and form. When it comes to weddings, a bride’s bouquet is her most important accessory. Bridal bouquets are a reflection of the bride’s attire, taste and character as well as a vital part of the gown itself. So, yes, flowers and wedding bouquets are closely related to the theme of the wedding and symbolises the serenity and prosperity it can bring in a happily ever after.  Now that you have decided upon what bouquet you want, it is time to select the best wedding florist. Flowers and Styling by Felicia assure you the best wedding bouquet. 

Felicia, Flowers and Styling, offers you the best and amazing floral arrangements and wedding bouquets to make your dream day adorned with the beauty of blossoms that speaks out how deep is your love and companionship. As love is synonymous with flowers, marriage is incomplete with floral decorations and wedding bouquets. We always believe and strive in delivering the best and customised floral decorations and exquisite wedding bouquets for your perfect wedding. Feel free to contact us and start building your dream wedding with us! We are flexible and adaptable to meet all your needs, and we will amuse you with our stunning bouquets and other floral arrangements. We always stick to the thought that love is as beautiful as a water lily, as fragrant as a jasmine flower, and as powerful as a red rose. So, creating a beautiful bouquet for your perfect nuptial is our passion! 

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