Stunning Flower Centrepieces for your Wedding Sydney


Everyone who loves flowers may wish to have them everywhere, and they do make an effort to include them everywhere possible. So if you’re planning your wedding, we’ve got something for you because we adore flowers as much as you do. We’ve put together a list of amazing ideas so that you can add a professional touch and bring stunning designs into your fairytale weddings. Read more about Flower Centrepiece.

Centrepiece, as we all know, are items that are put in the centre of the table. They can be anything, but flowers are always the top pick for those who love flowers and want to add a special touch to their table. We can style Centrepiece in various shapes and styles depending on the occasion and type of guests you’re expecting. We can even incorporate different sorts of designs according to your wedding themes. We’ll have a fantastic design to go with if we let the flowers speak for themselves.

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Here are a few classic and timeless styles, as well as a few of our own ideas for creating gorgeous centrepieces.

1. Flowers and branches – Centrepiece

The flowers with branches are the most basic and natural style. You can make a simple centrepiece with small charming branches to give your flowers a green outline, or you can position the flowers in between a large stem to provide the piece with a massive effect. Depending on your preference or the table layout, you can place them in a glass vase half-filled with water or in colourful vases instead. The large stem branches can also be used to create a spooky atmosphere for Halloween parties or other events and used for a vintage feel in wedding venues. You can also let a string of vines hang from the thick wooden branches to enhance the effect.

2. DIY bottles and flowers – Centrepiece

As the name implies, these techniques use bottles to contain the flowers and enhance the appearance of the arrangement. It’s not difficult to describe what bottle art is in the world after the lockdown. You can create art on bottles with colour papers, paints, glitters, and beads. It’s easy to do and a great alternative to more expensive vases. Furthermore, utilising DIY bottles allows you to recycle and decrease waste while also allowing you the creative freedom to design them in any style you choose. It’s also a great option to go pastel since the style is compact and can help you bring the beauty of colours into your room.

3. The timeless beauty -Roses Centrepiece

Roses are timeless, and we’re not sure how they transform into something in every girl’s fairytale fantasy, but they are what they are: stunning and enchanting. Roses come in solid colours and multi-colour variants, allowing you to do a lot with them. We can arrange them in a colourful, exquisite style with lights and darks in between, giving the table a royal look. You can either position them on the side with candles or make a thick spherical bundle with them and lift them slightly. This one-piece will complete the aesthetic of your table. Deep red roses, white roses for something peaceful and simple, pastel or pink roses to brighten the space are all options if you’re planning something romantic. Yellow roses can also be used alongside white roses to add a flash of colour.

4. Add light to your table 

Let’s get creative with your theme by adding lanterns if you’ve already planned a vintage wedding. Lanterns come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, textures, and colours, allowing you to find the perfect match for your style. The styling choices for a lantern are endless as well. If your wedding or reception is in the evening, you can use a lot of candles and lighting in addition to flowers. One such suggestion to add beauty to the lantern is by decorating the top with beautiful flowers and foliage and placing a thick spherical wax candle within. Small scented candles can also be placed around them. You can remove the glass from the lantern and decorate the inside with small flowers and foliage if you want to.

5. Succulent centrepiece

If you’re having a summer wedding and are worried that the sun may dry up all of your flower decorations, Succulent is the answer you’ve been looking for. You can arrange them in various styles and blend them with roses, tulips, or whatever else you like. Place them in colourful flat plates filled with white or brown sand and colourful pebbles to enhance them for a completely different look. This would also provide you with the opportunity to insert seating arrangements cards. A new classy thing to do would be to place them in small, more like miniature cups and keep them in the centre of the table within a stray along with the table number for a modern touch.

6. Everything blue from something blue

For your wedding flowers, why don’t you let your “something blue” be flowers? If you like the colour blue and have a lot of white in your theme, this is something you should certainly consider. While you’re having a white wedding and would like to keep things simple, blend white and blue hydrangeas into a ball and place it in a tall, skinny vase, exposing only the top part of the flowers. However, if you have an outdoor wedding, you can make it more vibrant by using blue and yellow flowers or even roses.

7. The garden feel

flower centrepiece

Remember how you feel when you walk into a garden, and all the colours fill your eyes? Let’s bring that experience into your wedding celebration. All you need to do is acquire those flowers and mix them up, allowing room for some luscious green leaves. This centrepiece can be composed of roses, peonies and cosmos, astilbe, and tulips in a cream blush and brilliant pink mixture. Peonies in yellow and vibrant pink strung together with a lovely ribbon can be a visual joy. These would also look fantastic in pictures and add a fresh atmosphere to your venue. We can combine small colourful flowers in a pot or vase for a simple yet vibrant design. If you want to go entirely white and still make something special, use white hydrangea, roses, and tulips with a sprig or two of lily of the valley or perhaps hellebores to take it to the next level.

8. Fruits and flowers 

flower centrepiece

You’ll have a lot of fun experimenting with this style as there is so much to uncover. These are ideal for summer arrangements and will give your tables a completely different look. Generally, fruits such as lemon, papaya, and dragon fruit are used in the arrangement. Use fruits that have a pleasant aroma and can last for the duration of the ceremony. You don’t want your guests to be greeted by shambles on their table, do you? You can put them in a basket with the flowers to make a fruit basket or put them in between floral arrangements. Either way, make sure they complement each other.

9. Solo blooms 

flower centrepiece

You can often get more done with less. If you have a large number of tables to cover, this is an easy and inexpensive way to assemble floral centrepieces. You’ll need a glass vase or other visually pleasing glass vessel, as well as a single magnificent flower such as a dahlia, peony, hydrangea, or any other large bundles of happiness to achieve the desired aesthetics and feel. To brighten the entire atmosphere, you can also utilise different tones that stay within your colour palette. You can complement the solitary flower with single roses, tulips, and other flowers if you want to. This is also a terrific way to dress up long tables for occasions.

10. Tall vases 

flower centrepiece

Tall vase Centrepiece is pretty versatile and can be styled in a number of ways. You can use a tall opaque vase for flowers with long stems, or you can use transparent vases, which you can fill with water rather than leaving empty. Another exquisite option is to use vases only to display the top portion of the flower. We tweaked up this style for one of our events by adding flowers along with the water in the transparent vase. When sunlight passed through it, it produced a dazzling effect, generating intriguing patterns all over the venue. It was an eye-pleasing sight to behold.

11. Golden frame 

flower centrepiece

The golden frame Centrepiece is one of our most popular and best-selling styles. These are ideal for tiny tables since the main piece, which holds the flowers, is somewhat higher than the tabletop, taking up less space. The golden frame adds a royal touch to the room as well. You can also utilise various frames to match your theme, like wooden or metal, for a vintage look. You can even add something creative on the insides of the frame if you want.

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