25 Original Wedding Flower Ideas to Make Your Wedding Spectacular


There must be something special to garnish the event, right? Flowers are one of them. Flowers in weddings also play a very important role. Flowers have the power to make a wedding colourful and unforgettable. Read more about Wedding Flower Ideas.

The floral arrangements add beauty to your big day and make it stand out from the rest. Flower arrangements also help you express your feelings perfectly and make the wedding special.

Blooming flowers are essential in every wedding, sending a message as they instil feelings of vitality and life into the atmosphere. From posies to corsages and bouquets, wedding flowers add a sense of magic and peace to ceremonies. A single rose or one of the many modern arrangements is certain to be the perfect embellishment for your special day.

Flowers have the unique ability to complement any colour scheme. With a variety of choices, selecting the right flowers to match the style and colour of your wedding can be one of the most difficult parts of preparing for your big day. Because we want your day to be perfect and flowers to be a small part of that, we have put together these amazing wedding flower ideas.

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1. Wedding Flower Ideas – Lavender

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Lavender is a gorgeous choice for weddings. This beautiful bloom comes in a variety of colours and makes a stunning bouquet that leaves brides falling in love with this aromatic hue, bringing in the smell of the outdoors to a church or a hall. Lavender is an elegant way to add a bit of colour to the middle of your already white-clad wedding party. It can be used at every stage of your wedding planning—to plan your dream wedding, or even as part of your wedding day décor. Plus, there are other ways you can use lavender to make your big day even more memorable.

2. Peonies

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Peonies are a unique choice to use in place of traditional flowers for weddings and other wedding events, as they last so much longer than more ordinary flowers, anywhere from 8–10 days. Since peonies are so expensive, many brides are adding them to their flowers for the bride’s bouquet. Read more about Wedding Flower Ideas. Fresh peonies are stunning, with big, colourful blooms that remind you of summer. They really bring an elegant feel to whatever event you’re hosting, especially if you decide to incorporate them into bouquets, centrepieces or can be used in any type of floral arrangement.

3. Ranunculus

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Ranunculus are surprisingly versatile flowers that can be used in all seasons and for several different themes. From rustic bohemian to classic white and blush, ranunculus has a petal shape and texture that is versatile enough to fit in almost any design. Flowers are generally used in the spring and summer months, but these spectacular blooms can also be used in the fall, winter, or on cool, bright mornings during the bitter cold of winter.

4. Wildflowers, and Grasses – Wedding Flower Ideas

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For a wedding with a difference, choose wildflowers and grasses as your bouquet, wristlet, and/or throws. Wildflowers are charming and elegant in their own way. Their elegance and fresh smell will make a pleasant and soothing time for the guest. They can be used to spell out names, match bridesmaid dresses, or create an overall theme for your special day. They add a rustic charm to wedding bouquets. The best part about wildflowers is that you don’t need to do much work on them because they’re naturally beautiful. Read more about Wedding Flower Ideas.

5. Roses in different shades

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A rose is a perfect flower for a wedding. It is romantic, classic, and beautiful. But how can your rose be different from anyone else’s? The answer is: by choosing the right colour. Many brides choose white roses for their weddings, but choosing a shade of white makes all the difference. White is a neutral colour, so it will go with anything you choose for your special day. Make your bouquet and table arrangements stand out by adding some variations in shades of white.

6. Simple as Green and Garden Roses

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If you are looking for more ways to incorporate green into your wedding, then we might have a solution. Create a lush and flowery aisle with garden roses, garden grasses, and more. This is a fun way to make your guests stop in their tracks and comment on how beautiful your aisle decorations are. Read more about Wedding Flower Ideas.

7. Camellia

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Camellias are among the most beautiful flowers you can use for weddings. Although they come out late in the season and bloom early, these stunning flowers are available year-round. A variety of colours are available, and there are several varieties that may be used if desired. These beautiful flowers are known for their simple elegance.

This gorgeous flower is perfect for wedding bouquets, centrepieces, and boutonnières. Its petals have a delicate waxy texture, like rose petals, that makes it particularly elegant; the petals can even be used to create calligraphic designs or write heartfelt notes at the reception.

8. Dogwood

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Dogwood trees have been a choice for wedding floral and decor for their pretty white blossoms, upright form, and glossy leaves. As an evergreen perennial, the dogwood is low-maintenance, making it an ideal choice for brides on a budget. Imagine a soft-hued, pinkish-white flower on top of a bare branch. Then imagine that single flower, with its characteristic of growth within one season, blooming thousands and thousands of blossoms on every branch of a tree. That is what Dogwood flowers could do for your wedding design.

9. Hyacinth

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Hyacinth is a crisp, youthful blend of lemon, orange, and lavender that makes a lovely floral bouquet, whether as a centrepiece or as a table arrangement with mixed greens. Read more about Wedding Flower Ideas. The flower of the hyacinth is known for its intense fragrance with a light and fresh aroma. The hyacinth has an elegant simplicity with a truly natural-looking bloom that makes it ideal for use in bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. The hyacinth is particularly beneficial during early spring as it will make your flower arrangement last longer because its flowers are less prone to drooping and falling off.

10. Hydrangea

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Hydrangeas are one of the most popular flowers for bridal bouquets and hand-tied arrangements. Their variety of sizes and colours makes them a versatile choice for wedding florists. Hydrangeas make stunning bouquets and centrepieces for weddings and are a beautiful addition to any floral arrangement. They are easy to work with, come in many different shades, and last for months, even in hot weather. Plus, hydrangeas pair nicely with all sorts of other flowers, making it easy to customize your arrangements.

11. Narcissus Paperwhite

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Narcissus symbolizes beauty, perfection, and prestige. The Narcissus flower will be a perfect decoration for your special occasion. Their glorious blossom arrangements will fit seamlessly into any floral design scheme and can be inexpensively customized with an array of colours and flower styles. This perennial favourite grips firmly and colourfully onto pedestals and bouquets, making it the perfect accent for your special day.

Narcissus comes in many colours, including white, yellow, orange, and purple, but it has to be said that white is more often used as brides prefer the softness and pureness that can express the feeling of their love.

12. Passionflower

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Passionflower is the flower of the moment and has been making a statement in weddings lately. It’s used to convey romance, friendship, and youthful love while wowing the crowd at the same time. The entire flower and leaf can be used in wedding bouquets and arrangements, but the petals are the most popular, while the buds can be used dried. Blossom petals have a beautiful shape, and the flower itself stands out against almost any background colour. Passionflower makes an unusual alternative to bridal bouquets of roses or orchids.

13. Queen Anne’s Lace

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Queen Anne’s lace is a charming reminder for your special day. It will be a beautiful addition to almost any bouquet at a wedding ceremony. Its charm lies in the shape and feel of each petal, as they resemble little birds when they fly away. For weddings and other more formal occasions, Queen Anne’s lace is often complemented by white roses, lavender, Lily of the Valley, or chrysanthemums. However, it is becoming a popular wedding adornment for many brides with varying styles and colour preferences.

14. Sunflower

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Like a million golden stamens, the flowers of a sunflower can be a beautiful focus for floral arrangements at weddings. Sunflower decorations are one of the most popular trends when it comes to decorating a wedding these days. Sunflowers make a great wedding alternative that can be used in bouquets or as a decorative piece on your wedding tables. From sunflower centrepieces to sunflower table decorations, everything is done in the shape of this cheerful flower, which is often associated with love, affection, and warmth.

15. Thistle

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Thistle is a flower that has been popular over the years. The thistle is seen as a strong, elegant, and flamboyant flower. Its characteristics are fascinating, and it could be adapted into any fashion or style of wedding, from the most traditional to the avant-garde ones. The power of simplicity is what makes the thistle’s charm evergreen. These beauties are romantic and delicate, yet strong and work well as centrepieces in a wedding or table decor. A beautiful addition to any reception, these thistles make a statement on their own, as well as when placed on top of a vase of fresh flowers.

16. Veronica

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For a great natural look in your wedding flowers, the veronica flower may be what you’re looking for. A classic orchid stem wrapped with veronica is full of colour and enchanting beauty throughout the whole season. This flower is so versatile; it can be used for a bouquet for the bridal party or a boutonniere for the groomsmen, church decorations, aisle decorations, and even to decorate the reception area. The lush greens and silky blossoms of a veronica wedding bouquet perfectly complement your bridal gown, giving you the dreamy floral look of your dreams.

17. Bunny’s Tail

flower centrepiece

The bunny tail plant is groomer than the bunny ears, a very cute flower, and does good favour for decoration around the wedding. If you want to be unique and different from other people’s wedding styles, this bunny-tail flower is just what you are looking for.

They’re actually great for brides under the budget. They remain small and compact, so they don’t require much upkeep. The best part is that they don’t soak up so much water that you need to constantly keep a water source nearby.

18. Eucalyptus

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The eucalyptus plant is a super versatile wedding decoration. Here’s how to make stunning decor from this flowering tree. Eucalyptus groves are perfect as a rustic wedding backdrop. It is a slightly lighter colour than many plants, has a very romantic feel to it, and several flowers pair well with eucalyptus for making bouquets. Just imagine the groom standing among the tall green trees with the entire forest as his backdrop. Eucalyptus is even great for non-wedding photo sessions, such as engagement or family photos.

19. Hops

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The hops flower is a symbol of luck, friendship, and everlasting love. When these fragrant blooms are used in a bouquet or as a bride’s wedding garland, they will remind you of the joy of the day. The use of hops flower as a wedding ceremony flower is on the rise. Couples now incorporate this traditional blossom into their special day for its everlasting nature and beauty. Dried hops flowers can also be used to make bouquets, boutonnieres, garlands, and more.

20. Lunaria

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Lunaria is a stunning addition to today’s wedding ceremonies and functions as a natural alternative to an altar or floral decorations. Just gather the flower heads and tie the stems together with twine, yarn, or strips of fabric. Whether you are looking for a simply succulent or a more exotic look, Lunaria can be paired with many different types of plants. The small purple flowers that dangle from Lunaria are very pretty and would look amazing at your wedding ceremony and reception.

21. Magnolia

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Magnolia is the best choice to use as a wedding ceremony stage because it is light and if we install some string lights, it will be even more beautiful. If you want to have all of your guests face you when you say your sacred vows, there is a way to make that happen by using bamboo shoots for an arch-like structure.

Magnolias and weddings go together well. The lacy flowers of the magnolia tree have long been a favourite of brides and can be featured in the decor at a wedding ceremony. Magnolia branches are often cut and used as table centrepieces or to adorn the doorway leading to the ceremony area, while magnolia leaves are often used in bouquets. Magnolia is most commonly known for its white flowers.

22. Ruscus

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If you want to decorate your wedding ceremony with a romantic touch, you can also use Ruscus. Ruscus leaves usually come in white and also in green colours. You need to consider some aspects when choosing Ruscus for your wedding ceremony. 

The narrow leaves of Ruscus have a unique texture and a slight scent that may be used for other decorative purposes too. Ruscus leaves are dark silvery green, shiny and smooth, with a fleshy texture. If you are looking for pairings, Ruscus looks wonderful in combination with thistle sprigs, fresh white roses, hydrangeas, pittosporum, pinecones, or eucalyptus.

23. Pampas Grass

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Pampas grass is a traditional wedding decoration. As it grows up and out, it creates an airy, open feeling that can be used to create the perfect natural backdrop for your ceremony. It brings elegance to the overall decor of a wedding venue and holds sentimental significance for couples that choose it as their ceremony’s structure. Because of this, many couples are opting to have a pampas grass ceremony, which can take on different designs and meanings. Read more about Wedding Flower Ideas.

24. Hypericum

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For those who are looking for a way to stand out in the crowd and want to keep the wedding ring shiny, but don’t want to use a sealant, then it may be best for you to choose Hypericum for the wedding ceremony. It is a flower that appears in various colours. When Hypericum is used in a wedding ceremony, it symbolizes the everlasting love of a couple. A bridesmaid or groom carrying this flower at the ceremony assures that the love shared between them will never end.

25. Monstera

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These beautiful, high-quality monstera leaves are perfect for all your wedding decorations. They would be wonderful for flower girl baskets, bouquet bases, table centrepieces, and reception decor as well. This gives comfort and class to the wedding ceremony. Read more about Wedding Flower Ideas.

There are many reasons why a bride might choose to have a variety of wedding flower ideas, and we thought we would share them with you. Flower variety really is quite lovely when it comes to weddings. There is such a range in colour, shape, size, and texture that it allows your bridal bouquet to be as individual as you are.

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