35 Amazing Wedding Table Numbers Offered by Flowers and Styling


A gorgeous wedding takes a significant amount of effort. Felicia Flowers and Styling has years of project management experience to ensure that your special day goes off without a hitch and with the wow factor it deserves. Through our wedding style, we primarily help in the design of wedding ceremonies and festivities. For the right couple, we can provide full wedding planning services as well as wedding day coordination. Learn why Flowers & Styling by Felicia is the best wedding stylist in Sydney for everything from design to set up.

A wedding stylist isn’t the same as a regular event stylist, and a wedding planner isn’t the same as a traditional event planner. We understand that you want your wedding day to be unique and personal, and with our event design experience and skills, we can remove the stress of event planning and provide you with the wedding of your dreams. Felicia’s Flowers and Styling is your one-stop place for all of your wedding preparation needs. We are the best wedding stylists in town, and we want to make your wonderful day even more colourful! Our objective is to produce an unforgettable event that you and your guests will remember fondly for years to come.

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After deciding on a wedding date, the reality of all that goes into planning an event or wedding may easily overwhelm even the most organised brides or seasoned event planners. Choosing the right caterers, vendors, and event and wedding décor may be stressful, detract from the joy of the celebration, and take a long time. Choosing a seasoned, efficient event vendor may have a significant impact! Thankfully, we have over 10 years of experience and will work with you to carefully select the perfect design elements for your big day. From wedding arbours and aisle runners to designer chairs, fashionable covers, and magnificent lighting and centrepiece hire, all materials are given as new to meet your expectations.

We’re always amazed by table numbers fashioned from wooden cutouts and sparkly text, but there’s no reason why your wedding table names have to be limited to Table 1 and Table 2. Table names with personalities that mimic your wedding theme are one element that you can be sure your guests will remember; after all, they’ll be spending a lot of time at that table! Because this is an area where you can truly let your creativity go wild, we’ve compiled a list of the best table name ideas to get you started!

  1. Cities or Countries?

flower centrepiece

This one is straightforward: make a list of locations you’ve lived together or gone on vacation together.

  1. Names of Streets

wedding table decorations

Addresses of houses you’ve shared or places where you’ve celebrated a memorable occasion or attained a milestone together.

  1. Important or Local Landmarks

wedding table numbers

These might be landmarks from a city that holds a special place in your heart or prominent spots in your local town where you hang out. Many outdoor-loving couples incorporate their favourite beaches or mountains into their wedding plans.

  1. Song Titles Inspired Table Numbers

wedding table numbers

Songs that mean something to you as a pair are great, but titles of romantic love songs (but not too many sad endings-remember, it’s a celebration!) are another possibility.

  1. Lyrics to Songs

wedding table numbers

A few lyrics from one of your favourite songs or a well-known love song may make a significant difference. Print them on cards and frame them for a little cost, or go all out and hire a calligrapher or stationer to write them for you.

  1. Animals Inspired Table Numbers

wedding table numbers

You may even use pets that each of you had as a kid, which will be very entertaining for your family!

  1. Give a Nod to Your Own Country

wedding flower ideas

If you and your spouse are from different regions of the world, you may take advantage of this. The tables can be named after terms that are pronounced differently in the United States and the United Kingdom, such as potato, tomato, and oregano.

  1. Wedding Table Numbers in a Notebook

flower centrepiece

Use a notebook as your wedding table number instead of a guest book to save money. It’s quite simple to create and makes a nice souvenir after the wedding.

  1. Wedding Table Numbers on a Sailboat

wedding table numbers

These nautical wedding table numbers will appeal if you’re being married on a boat! They’re very unusual, and they’ll be a great conversation starter for your visitors.

  1. Musical Instruments Themed Wedding Table Numbers

wedding table numbers

A selection of instruments as table names is ideal for musical couples.

  1. Albums Inspired Wedding Table Numbers

wedding table numbers

An album is a fantastic way to symbolise a table name for a vinyl collector or music enthusiast.

  1. Concerts and Festivals Inspired Table Numbers

flower centrepiece

If you still have the tickets, you can even frame them! Make a list of memorable concerts or festivals that you’ve both attended.

    13. Wedding Table Numbers from Wine Bottles

wedding flower ideas

Table numbers with a wine theme? We’ll raise a glass to it. Custom stickers can be used to embellish these wine bottles. What about the bottles? Save the ones you’ll drink while organising your wedding since nothing beats a nice glass of wine when it comes to arranging a wedding.

  1. Wedding Table Numbers Made of Playing Cards

wedding table numbers

Playing cards may be used for a variety of themes (think Alice in Wonderland weddings), especially now that there are so many themed decks available. The theme for this type of wedding should be whimsical and retro. If you try these important table number holders, you will get blown away for sure. You just have to imitate the appearance to wow your guests. As wedding favours, give attendees identical card decks so they don’t forget about your fantastic decor.

  1. Watercolour Table Numbers for Weddings

wedding table numbers

Beautifully painted table number cards were attached to seashell supports at a beach wedding. It’s a tried-and-true mix for any maritime event—and it’s also quite simple to duplicate.

  1. Wedding Table Numbers in Scrabble

wedding table numbers

What a brilliant idea—especially for wordsmiths. Crowdsource pieces from the original game to make your own fun Scrabble-inspired table numbers. Just make sure you have enough letters to spell out all of the table numbers for your wedding. Also, make certain that your letters will fit into the supports you buy.

  1. Wedding Table Numbers Made of Driftwood

wedding table numbers

Greetings, couples from the sea. How adorable is this table number with a nautical theme? Fabric, paint, a dowel, driftwood, and twine were used to create the homemade décor pieces. Feeling a little clumsy? Don’t be concerned. Instead, order the identical sailboat table numbers on the internet.

  1. Growler Wedding Table Numbers 

wedding table numbers

This is a great gift for a brewery wedding or for a couple who just like craft beer. All you have to do is gather a few growlers and decorate them with numbers, much like the wine bottle concept above. Vinyl decals are ideal in this situation. They’re also fantastic take-home presents for the couple or their bridal party.

  1. Wedding Table Numbers Inspired by Pop Culture

wedding table numbers

Incorporating some of your favourite things into your wedding is a great way to make it more personal. Take, for example, television shows. By naming your tables after your favourite Netflix shows, you can sneak them into the day.

  20. Acrylic Painted Table Numbers

wedding table numbers

Acrylic has a simplistic feel to it, which we like. On each table, stack various-sized acrylic boxes with the table number and guests’ names inscribed in white handwriting on the front. Add some greenery to the interior for a finishing touch!

  1. Table Numbers with Flags and Supports

wedding table numbers

Hang cute table number flags from metallic stands that match your wedding colours. Your table numbers will stand out and make it easy for attendees to find their assigned table.

  1. Vintage Wedding Table Numbers on Postcards

wedding table numbers

Show off your passion for travel in an original way. Each table is named after a location and marked with historic postcards.

  1. Romantic Couples from the Movies Inspired

wedding table numbers

You get the picture: Noah and Allie, Rose and Jack, Baby and Johnny, and so on. Thelma and Louise, Jack and Rose, and Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock are all examples of platonic duos from film and television. Get a graphic designer to photoshop you and your other half into photographs of the fictional couples to take this concept to the next level.

  1. Film Icons Themed Table Numbers

wedding table numbers

We adore the notion of calling your tables after your favourite leading women and leading men, and while thinking of historical Hollywood stars like Garbo and Astaire, how can we say no to Schwarzenegger and Clooney?

  1. Best Recipes Inspired Table Numbers

wedding table numbers

You may use foods you both enjoy, dishes you frequently prepare at home, dishes with particular meaning (what you ate on your first date, for example), or well-loved family recipes for this one. Print up your favourites and display them on each table, or give each guest a copy as a favour.

  1. Favourite Athletes or Coaches

wedding table numbers

Table names are a terrific way to honour some of your favourite athletes, and if they’re legends from the past, they’ll bring back memories for your visitors!

  1. Stadiums with a History

wedding table numbers

If you have a favourite sport, this is a terrific idea: a list of prominent stadiums in your nation or throughout the world, along with an image or photo of each.

  1. Lego Inspired Wedding Table Numbers

wedding styling Sydney

Everything is more fun with Lego! While Lego escort cards have grown increasingly popular in recent years, you could make things easier by naming your tables after various Lego themes—Star Wars, Batman, Lego City, Lego Technic, and so on—and placing a tiny set on each table for your guests to play with.

  1. Creatures Inspired Table Numbers

wedding table numbers

Name your tables after agricultural, wild, or domestic animals! You can also add some decorations, such as miniature animal figurines spray-painted or glitter-dipped in your favourite metallic! (Birds are a common option, and they make for lovely pictures.)

      30. Herbs and Potted Plants Based Table Numbers

wedding table numbers

Potted plants and herbs are a terrific way to add some greenery to your dining room without breaking the bank. Simply write their names on blackboard signs to serve as table names.

  1. Mirrored Wedding Table Numbers

wedding table numbers

A mirrored wedding table number is ideal for glamorous couples. They’ll not only look great, but they’ll also give the impression of a larger space. If you want to do some DIY, charity shops typically have inexpensive secondhand mirrors that can be written on using a glass marker pen.

  1. Wedding Table Numbers Made with Twine

wedding table numbers

If you’re having a rustic wedding, try brown twine decorations for your wedding table numbers so they don’t clash with the rest of the decor. They’ll blend in seamlessly while still making a huge enough impression for your guests to notice.

  1. Wedding Table Numbers in Copper Foil and Black Paper

wedding table numbers

Opt for a deeper shade instead of the standard white or ivory card wedding table numbers. The copper writing contrasts well with the black card and gives the table a bit of glitz.

  1. Wedding Table Numbers on a Map

wedding table numbers

Perhaps you’re planning a destination wedding, or you and your spouse have a particular spot in common that you’d like to honour on your big day? Table numbers with maps can have a variety of meanings, and they all add a charming and unique touch to the day.

  1.  A Wedding Table Number with a Message in a Bottle

wedding table numbers

Message in a Bottle wedding table number is an excellent accent for a seaside wedding! You could also set out little pads of paper and pencils on the table for your guests to write their notes to put in the bottle for you to read after the event.

  1. Wedding Table Numbers In Brick

wedding table numbers

The crimson brick illustrates that you may find wedding décor inspiration in the most unexpected of locations. It’s rustic, stylish, and contemporary, with a simple chalk number scrawled on it. Furthermore, if your tables are set outside, the tablecloths will not be blown away by the wind.

Here are 35 table number ideas that may transform the design of your tables and make your event stand out. Flowers and Styling are constantly striving to produce the ideal wedding décor. All you have to do is to make the plan with Flowers and Styling, and the rest will be taken care of.

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